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Auctionair "The Ultimate Charity Auction" - Inflight auction. British Airways contract Jul/Aug/Nov 2001.
Shipton & Heneage PARIS Following the success of the Shipton & Heneage London website, we have now put their upmarket Paris shop online too.
Shipton & Heneage (LONDON) Ltd.
E-commerce website for the largest dedicated provider of classic English shoes by mail order in the UK.
New England Seafood Upmarket wholesale importers fish supplying the top supermarkets & various restaurants in the UK. Private Medical Doctor's Practice offering full online AND off-line service. Financial spread betting website. News and info. Run by top Evening Standard journalist.
Chattans Simple 'contact us' site for startup. Tailored database content solutions for B2B.
Traigh Golf Course
Golf Course in West Highlands of Scotland. Stunning photos.
Minnie Stephens Portfolio for successful muralist
Beckman Instruments - Europages
Sorry - moved !
Multi-national Corporation. 170 page web-site written in 3 human languages. (E-mail me for password to get in)
International Fund Investment
(sorry they've changed it - Yeuk!)
Traditional media magazine in finance sector.
Wade Weeks Wong  
Sorry - moved !
Porfolio site for advertising agency.
Healthcare Venture Limited 
Sorry - moved !
Venture capital organisation based in The City
Association of Independent Museums Museums organisation. (E-mail me for password to get in)
Eurohedge (modified) Website for newsletter for European hedge funds.
AsiaHege (modified) Website for newsletter for Asian hedge funds.
The Food Ferry (modified)
Award-winning home delivery supermarket. The website won ECMOD'98.
ITMC (modifed) Independent Telecommunications Management Company. Independent telecoms consultancy & management for corporates.
(*) - NB Please email me at: if you need the password to get in, as these site may no longer be publicly available.

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